Solid Oak Ledged & Braced Doors

Solid Oak Ledged & Braced Doors

Solid Oak Ledged & Braced Wooden Doors 


We hand make these Solid Oak Ledged and Braced wooden doors in our workshop to give you the option of standard or bespoke sizes, uniform or random board widths.

Our L & B doors are made in the traditional way by gluing and screwing the ledges and braces to the rear of the door, and then 'closing off' the holes with oak plugs where we keep the grain on the plugs in line with the grain on the ledges and braces.

Choose Your Moulding Profile and Door Brace Handing

We use American White Oak (which matches our solid oak Architrave, Skirting and Door Linings) and give you the option of two board joints - V joint or Bead and Butt  machined on the face of the doors, with a small V joint on the rear of the doors.

We can also fit the braces where the handing is viewed from the rear of the door.... so you must work out if your door will be hung fron the left or right hand side.

All these doors are supplied unfinished  -  and recommend you purchase our Osmo Hardwax Oil to seal the doors once fitted including the top and bottom edges of the door stopping any moisture getting into the end grain, which could cause swelling and twisting od the doors.

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New Solid Oak Ledged & Braced Doors

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New Solid Oak Ledged Door

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